Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vote Lance Tyson

Well, as predicted, the establishment has recruited a candidate to face off against indicted Democrat, Derek Smith.

He is Lance Tyson.  He deserves your vote.

Monday, October 22, 2012

My Endorsements


michael dot laporte at gmail dot com

I've completed my review of the various bar organizations so that you don't have to. I'm attaching / linking a scan of MY sample ballot, which is marked to indicate who I think you should vote for (i.e., how I'll be voting tomorrow).

Two notes:

1.  This is for MY location.  If you aren't in Wicker Park, you might have a slightly different line up.  If that matters to you, comment here or email me and I can help on YOUR sample ballot.

2.  I have marked ONLY those judges who I believe you should vote "no" for their retention.  Although not marked, I think that the remaining judges should all receive your "yes" vote -- although for those who are concerned about time, you can probably safely skip it as most retentions happen.  Its more important to vote "no" for the bad judges.

Vote.  Go do it today if you can.  Early voting started already!!  Get out there this week.  You have no excuse.

Here is a link to find your sample ballot.  LINK

Here is a link to the Chicago Council of Lawyers evaluations.  LINK

To a respectable blog post discussing some of the folks in the cross hairs.  LINK

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Swiss Gets Crushed

Time now for Democrats to dump Smith, recruit a stand up Democrat to run as an independent, and win in November with a respectable candidate.

What My Dog Thinks of Tom Swiss

Low Information?

Tom Swiss claimed that the constituency that he seeks to represent is "low information."  It looks like that might be hurting him.  Although few people in a Fox poll knew that Swiss was actually a republican, it seems that few also knew that Smith has been indicted on federal bribery charges.

Swiss looks like he's going to take a pounding today:

Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm NOT Voting for Tom Swiss

Bottom line:  Punch Derek Smith's number tomorrow.  It is the only way voters in the 10th District will have a choice between a Democrat (who won't be Derek Smith -- see below) and a Republican in November.

So, here it is.  Tomorrow is the primary.  Tom Swiss, a republican is facing off against Derek Smith, sitting appointee who has been indicted on bribery charges.  Not a great choice.  In a perfect world, there'd be a better choice. This race gives new meaning to the "lesser of two evils."  So, who do you choose?

Well, I'm not choosing either.  But I'm not abstaining. Here's how to look at this race:

Derek Smith, even if he wins the primary isn't going to be our next state representative.  For as much support as he's getting now, that would evaporate if he's still on the ballot come November.

Tom Swiss, if he wins tomorrow, will guarantee that the electorate has a choice between a republican and a republican in November.  As has been documented here endlessly, Tom Swiss, no matter what he calls himself, is a Republican.

There is a third way.  And, its the most likely way.  The Democratic Party (or a subset of its saner members) will recruit someone to run as an independent or a write in and that candidate will be fully supported in November, not Derek Smith. The election rules permit third party candidates to file paperwork to be on November's ballot and allow write ins to be included. Under such scenarios (likely, in my opinion) in November, the voters of the 10th district will then have a choice between a Democrat (running as an independent or write in) and a Republican and can decide on the merits of the respective candidates. Derek Smith can be ignored.

If this DOESN'T happen, I'll be happy to congratulate tomorrow's victorious Republican Primary candidate (one running as a Republican in that primary, not Tom Swiss, posing as a Democrat).

So, I'm going to punch Derek Smith's number tomorrow.  I'm telling myself it isn't a vote "for" him, its just a vote against Swiss.  It is purely strategic, to ensure that the voters have a clear choice in November.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tom Swiss's New Lie

Republican Tom Swiss is remarkable.  Bad enough that he's running an agressive campaign of misinformation and deceit regarding the fact that he's a Republican and not a Democrat.  But now, in seeking in the nomination for the Democratic Party, he's sent out this mailer about his opponent:

"Smith will not be able to hold office."  That's false. Tom Swiss knows its false. I think that's the definition of a lie.

I'm not defending Smith -- I only know the allegations - against him.  He could be proven guilty he might not.  But our system presumes innocence.  UNLESS Smith is proven guilty, he can hold office.  Tom Swiss has already convicted Smith.  The fact is, he's not been convicted of anything.

Its hard to understand why there isn't at least some restraint on this point.  Pointing out the facts would seem to be enough even for a Republican running an under-the-rader campaign of deceit posing as a Democrat.  Why lie and deceive?